Thursday, February 4, 2010

RIP Frances Reid

Days of our lives was the very first soap that I started watching, so it's with a heavy heart, that I must acknowledge the passing of Ms Frances Reid. Alice was the true definition of a soap opera staple. The heart and soul of the Horton family. As a soap viewer, I would always look forward to scenes with Alice giving advice to everyone from Hope, Jennifer, Bo, John, and her great-grandchildren. Alice provided the warmth that would sometimes be lacking in some of the plot driven story lines. I remember at times, I would roll my eyes in the back of my head, but Alice’s advice would bring me back to reality.

Christmas time was the best, because even if the plots were getting on my nerves, I would always look forward to the tradition of hanging the Horton ornaments. I can't forget the baking of some good old fashion Horton donuts.

The cast and crew always spoke highly about Ms Reid, about her wicked sense of humor, and in the YouTube link posted below, you can just see what type of fun, extraordinary woman she was. Rest in Peace, Frances Reid, truly a daytime icon.
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