Monday, February 22, 2010

Five Questions About Steamboat With Michael O'Leary!

After the launch of
Steamboat we got in touch with Michael O'Leary to ask him some followup questions. Here are five "important" questions about the breakout web series!

Q: Is Michael and Dirk's friendship based on a real-life friendship or relationship derived from your experiences at GL?
A: Dirk and Michael are based on experiences rather than a specific person. The attitude of Dirk is a mix of several people.

Q: What has the experience been like working on this project with so many of your friends and colleagues?
A: The experience has not been unlike GL! The same fun! But the good news is that people I rarely work with i.e. Kim Zimmer now I do!

Q: If Steamboat was a real soap opera, would it have been created by Douglas Marland, Agnes Nixon, or Irna Phillips?
A: That is a good question. All three had great humor in their writing. I think if they did attempt it they would be successful.

Q: What is Dirk's most famous storyline from Steamboat?
A: Famous? Not sure that has yet to happen. One of the next stories will be a paid appearance at a Foodline grocery store that doesn't go well.

Q: What would Rhonda LIKE to be doing instead of running the sinking ship that seems to be Steamboat?
A: Rhonda likes to travel. She loves Italy and like's the best Hotels.{Hassler in Rome} So she has to keep that budget down! It is amazing how much money you safe with a few less bagel's for the crew.

Thanks to Michael for the great answers!

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  1. This first episode was so freaking funny!!! Off the charts................I just love it and can't wait for the next episode!!