Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness on Dayplayer Dish!

What's up, soap fans? We've got some exciting stuff coming up on the podcast! Here's our March schedule:

February 28: General Hospital's Brandon Barash
March 14: Gotham's Lisa Peluso
March 21: General Hospital's Megan Ward

Stay tuned for more excitement as we get into March Madness and beyond!


  1. Uber Excited to see Megan Ward on this list of upcoming shows!! Love that girl!! Thank You Dayplayer Dish for the rockin interviews you do.. Please remember to tell Megan her fans are always never very far from her side and I am one of her Biggest Fans!! Thanks Kimmie

  2. I am so excited that you will have Megan as a guess. I so miss seeing Kate Howard on GH and all the fabulous stories that could be written about her. Even though SKate was ended in error, I still have high hopes that Megan Ward will be returned to contract, Kate will return to having story and finally GH will continue the unfinished love story between Kate and Sonny.

  3. We are excited also! We hope you will tune in. Should be fun! Megan/Kate is fabulous.

  4. Sooooooo thrilled you guys finally managed to get Megan for an interview.

    Been pulling for you guys since your first blog and your first show!!!

    And Megan, well she is a freaking ROCKSTAR!!! LOVE HER!!!

    Can't wait! Sooooo excited!

  5. Thanks Julie! We so appreciate the support from all of the soap fans out there. We can't wait for this interview. It will be awesome.