Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GH: Welcome To Port Charles....

You may have heard of Port Charles. It’s the town that used to make headlines all the time, whether it be for crazy terrorist plots to freeze the world, medical crises at the world-famous General Hospital, grand romance, rich and famous family scandals.... you’ve definitely heard of Port Charles. People used to talk about it all the time, but then it seemed to fall off the map. For years, people rolled their eyes at the constant rumblings of the mob wars, the serial killers running rampant and the constant violence. But something’s changed now. The dark cloud hovering over the town and hospital seems to have cleared, and people can’t stop talking about the latest, exciting goings-on in Port Charles.

Where do I even start? How about that crazy night a few weeks ago, where an attempt on Detective Dante Falconeri’s - who, by the way, is the illegitimate son of kingpin Sonny Corinthos - was made at the Metro Court Hotel, which set in motion a string of events that culminated in crazy former kingpin Anthony Zacchara going missing after getting in a car accident that resulted in the deaths of a little girl and her young father from Llanview, Pennsylvania! Word has it that the lone survivor of the deadly crash, young rich girl Starr Manning, also of Llanview, is out for blood and on her way back to Port Charles as we speak! And there have been reports of Llanview detective John McBain sneaking around town, as well. Looks like the mob better watch out!

Speaking of accidents, have you heard about the crazy lab explosion that recently rocked General Hospital? The out-of-nowhere tragedy took the life of Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, a longtime Port Charles citizen who was in the lab trying to create a serum for her ex-boyfriend, coffee importer (and rumored hitman!) Jason Morgan, who was suffering from major brain seizures. The serum was apparently saved, as was Jason’s, but the accident left Robin’s family devastated in shock. Her husband, Dr. Patrick Drake, almost refused to use the serum to save Jason’s life! And anyone who was at the memorial service witnessed Mac Scorpio, Robin’s police commissioner uncle (who basically raised her), drag Robin’s cousin Maxie Jones out of the church kicking and screaming after she claimed that the lab explosion was her fault! But the biggest rumor going around is that Robin’s apparently alive, being held captive against her will! But who would do such a thing?

After the lab explosion, Robin’s once-absent mom Anna Devane returned to Port Charles and started hanging out with ne’er-do-well Luke Spencer, whose son Ethan Lovett supposedly skipped town with mother Holly Sutton, with Robert Scorpio chasing after them after Luke talked him down from a bridge by lying that Ethan was his son! Luke seems to be in hero mode, trying to do right by his family by changing the name of Jake’s bar to the Floating Rib to stop reminding Elizabeth Webber of the son she lost last year.

That’s not all that’s going on, either. I heard through the grapevine that fashionista Kate Howard has been acting mysteriously, taking on the persona of Connie Falconeri, Kate’s identity before she went off to college to make a name for herself. Some have even seen her flirting with Johnny Zacchara, who’s also been seen with Carly Jacks, Sonny Corinthos’s ex-wife. Maybe mysterious new GH psychiatrist Ewen Keenan can figure out what’s wrong with her. And there have been rumblings about Heather Webber, known to longtime PC citizens as the TOWN PSYCHO, has been reaching out to estranged son Steve after being visited by PI Sam McCall, who’s been trying to figure out the bizarre connection between Heather, Sam’s husband Jason Morgan, and dead serial killer/artist Franco. In other “secret” news, the stripper beatings have continued, leading the PC Police Department to start suspecting each other of wrongdoing, with clerical assistant Lulu Spencer Falconeri claiming that new detective Delores Padilla is somehow involved. Who knows what other secrets are lurking around, waiting to be exposed? Perhaps the PCPD will finally solve the murder of kooky Dr. Lisa Niles!

If you haven’t been following the goings-on in Port Charles, I really suggest that you start! Things have never been more exciting, with all sorts of activity going down at General Hospital and imperiled city. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

General Hospital airs Monday-Friday at 3 p.m. EST on ABC, written by Ron Carlivati and produced by Frank Valentini.