Monday, February 1, 2010

GH Goes Gangbusters

As of Friday’s GH, I’ve officially drunk the Kool-Aid. I never though it would happen, but my former favorite show, the show that I turned away from in 2007 following the ridiculous murders of three legacy characters, has briefly restored its former glory and riveted me. It started early in the week with a drunken/high Lucky confronting his fiancée and brother about their torrid affair. Jonathan Jackson’s shocking and vicious portrayal of a betrayed and defeated Lucky had me on the edge of my seat. I could not believe my ears as Lucky called holier than thou Elizabeth a slut, skank, and tramp and called Nikolas out on being what he’d always tried to escape: a Cassadine, through and through. I never thought that Lucky – my sweet, gentle, amazing Lucky, my FIRST CRUSH EVER – would call Elizabeth those names. Granted, this is Guza’s GH and misogyny reins supreme, but in this case I really didn’t feel bad for Elizabeth. Since sleeping with Jason she went completely off course and her affair with Nikolas has cemented her as the town hypocrite.

The show followed up Lucky’s confrontation (written beautifully and powerfully by the lovely Karen Harris) with Lulu’s public humiliation of Elizabeth at the hospital. As Elizabeth stood there and didn’t try to defend herself from the unleashed Lulu, I ALMOST felt sorry for her… almost. It’s going to take a lot for me to feel sorry for Elizabeth after this story.

Onto the main event, Guza showed us that violence is his specialty (in a good way, in this case) on Friday at Carly and Jax’s daughter’s christening. As the town gathered at the church for the big event, Sonny pompously lured and cornered Dante, exposing him as a spy. The tides turned when Dante pulled out his badge and told Sonny: “I don’t respect you. I despise you.” BOOM! Sonny pulled the trigger, showing the audience what an ugly monster he really is, just as Olivia burst in the door: “My God, Sonny! You just shot your own son!”

Now, there are a few things that went wrong during this Godfather-inspired stunt, such as Dante’s lack of weapon. The scenes were also VERY influenced by the Coppola masterpiece, but that is par for the course on GH. I am very excited to see what happens next. I will be hella pissed, though, if Dante either forgives his father or realizes that his father’s way of life is the life he wants to lead.

Can GH follow up the gangbusters of last week with the fallout this week? I’ll tell you one thing – unlike the past two years, I’ll definitely be watching.


  1. I really hope Dante doesn't eventually decide to follow in his father's footsteps. He is the first mob-opposing hero that I can remember who makes Sonny and Jason seem like the criminals they are. Everyone seems to love the Dante character and I think part of that comes from the fact that he is such a good and decent guy. I think it would be a mistake for the show to steer him toward a life of crime. Let's just hope they don't do that.


  2. I know, Paula! I love Dante and I hope they don't desecrate the character.