Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why General Hospital is Like an Abusive Relationship (or, why Judge Carroll deserves an Emmy)

Hey, soap fans! Sorry the blog's been kind of stagnant lately. Between my (Lee) getting a (paying) job and Lauren working hard to secure all our great guests, we've had no time to dish out new content. Well, the drought is over now, and you have General Hospital to thank for it.

If you watched GH at all this month, you have seen the Port Charles trial of the century as Sonny went on trial for Claudia's murder. As we all know, Michael was the real killer and Sonny and Co. have been trying to cover it up since November. I initially HATED the story. I resented the fact that Michael murdering his step-mother was being treated like a heroic act and that Sonny arrogantly told him, "Ya did good!" I also resented Michael devolving into a brat, running around town spouting orders at people and threatening everyone with violence. For months, changing the channel to Dr. Phil was my only escape from the Heroic Murderers show.

...then came Sonny's trial. It began with a bang (literally) as Sonny, in cold blood, shot Dante as Josslyn was being baptized. Olivia's scream and infamous line "My God, Sonny! You just shot your own son!" immediately got me hooked again. For the first time in YEARS, the amoral attitude of the show's main characters was being addressed. The trial, led by incredible guest star Dakin Matthews as Judge Carroll, incorporated the show's best actors, including Blake Gibbons' Coleman on the jury and Dahlia Salem as the rabid and ruthless prosecuting attorney Claire Walsh. For the first time, Sonny was getting his comeuppance and couldn't do a thing about it. I literally laughed out loud when Sonny quietly threatened Claire. Her response, loudly: "Did you just threaten me in open court?!" It was BRILLIANT.

Of course, the trial ended in dramatic fashion after Dante convinced Michael to take the stand, resulting in Michael being sentenced to two years in prison. After Judge Carroll delivered the speech I've been waiting years to hear, condemning all the adults in Michael's life and blaming them for Michael's behavior, tears were shed, threats were issued, Carly got put in her place by Tracy, and my life was complete.

Until Sonny and Carly had their 800th round of grief sex.

In one horrible decision, the show is back to square one. Carly should know better than to sleep with Sonny at this point! What, does she want to bring ANOTHER doomed child into this world? Does NOTHING get through that woman's head?!

That, ladies and gents, is why GH is like an abusive relationship. They deliver Emmy-worthy story of the year, only to revert back to the same old tricks and plot devices that get them into these slumps in the first place. I hope when Jax finds out Carly slept with Sonny - again - he dumps her and goes for Claire Walsh (if she and Sonny don't do the nasty first).

What do you guys think? Is GH, or any of your soaps, treating you like royalty one minute and spitting on you the next? Let us know in the comments section!

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