Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream Summer Preview: One Life to Live

Hey guys! Hope you liked the All My Children stories I concocted! I had so much fun doing them that I went ahead and did some for One Life to Live. Hope you enjoy these! Don't forget to comment on your favorites/least favorites!

One Life to Live
It's a Summer filled with healing, romance and redemption for the citizens of Llanview after a dark first half of the year. Look for love, friendship and family to come to the forefront.

Natalie and Brody decide to keep their tryst a secret for the time being, not wanting to hurt John or Jessica. Brody's guilt begins to eat at him, though, and he eventually gathers the courage and decency to tell her. Jessica's reaction is a turning point for her; rather than hide from her problems via a different personality, she decides to take charge of her life, which leads to her diving into her job as a journalist. Natalie and John begin a heated romance, but a shocking twist will forever change Natalie's life. Brody, meanwhile, tries to get Jessica back, and it is slowly revealed that his mental state may be more fragile than he thought.

David wants to get back together with Dorian, who is more than happy to have David as her boy-toy once again. Viki and Charlie are happy and married, but Viki begins to worry about Charlie when he claims he got a phone call from Jared! Thinking it's another one of Mitch's cruel schemes, Viki and Charlie try to get to the bottom of things and may end up in peril. When Dorian and David try to help, the four end up on a ridiculous adventure that lands them back in Paris, TX where Dorian encounters a man from her recent past that will shake things up even more.

Starr/Cole/Langston/Markko: Hannah is ultimately revealed to be the one who pushed Marty down the stairs and beat up Ford. After she's hauled off to a mental hospital, Hannah makes a friend with connections to the teens and the two girls begin a dark and devious plan. Langston breaks things off with Ford and tries to fix things with Markko, who moves back in with his parents. Starr and Cole decide living together isn't a good idea and both go back to live with Blair and Marty. The older teen set generally takes a back seat this summer, but with Hannah and the mystery girl scheming, things explode in August. Maybe literally.

The Younger Kids: Danielle breaks up with Matthew and starts dating Nate, who has a stunning connection to Blair and Marty. His mother Inez clashes with Todd, Tea, and Blair. Destiny gives up on her ongoing crush on Matthew and volunteers at a nursing home, where she meets someone from Llanview's past. It's a very touching and heartwarming story. Matthew, meanwhile, meets Isabella, Markko's younger sister, and falls hard for her.

Blair/Marty/Todd/Kelly/Eli/Tea/Greg/Rachel/Inez: Why did Inez and Nate move to Llanview? The reason is stunning and changes Blair and Marty's lives forever. Tea is able to have brain surgery and begins to grow closer with Greg, but Rachel returning to town will throw a wrench in things. Todd and Rachel find themselves inadvertently thrown together one stormy night and the two find a new appreciation for each other, but things take a turn for the worse when Tea and Greg catch them in a strange position. Inez will become close with Marty, who is healing from her miscarriage. Blair is unhappy to find an easy chemistry between Eli and Kelly, and is distracted when Ross Rayburn returns to town.

Christian/Layla/Kyle/Fish: Look for the return of Kyle and Fish as Christian and Layla prepare for their wedding. These two couples are really going to show that soap couples can be fun, exciting and filled with drama without breaking them up. The four represent the more stable side of Llanview adults, but that doesn't mean they are without story. Kyle grows worried when Fish and the Llanview PD start investigating a series of kidnappings. When one of the four vanishes, the others unite to find the truth.

What are your thoughts, soap fans? Does my OLTL sound any better than the real OLTL? Let us know!

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