Monday, May 24, 2010

Dream Summer Preview: All My Children

Bored by this year's Summer previews from all the magazines? Dayplayer Dish has your tonic! Here's my (Lee) dream "Summer Preview" for my favorite soaps. Be sure to comment on YOUR dream Summer previews!

All My Children
It's a Summer of familiar faces and new beginnings for the citizens of Pine Valley as various crises bring back Pine Valley's younger generation.

The Kane/Montgomery Family:
Bianca returns to Pine Valley to deal with her mother's disappearance. Bianca's not the only Montgomery returning, though; a surprise visit from Reggie delights a heartbroken Jack, but Reggie's got more on his mind than helping Jack cope. He wants to find his biological family, and another streetwalker-turned-Pine Valley-ite may be the key to finding his mother. Bianca, meanwhile, clashes with Greenlee, who learns a secret about Reese that will blow Bianca out of the water. Also look for the late-Summer return of Sean Montgomery in a story that audiences will really enjoy.

The Hubbard Family: Angie is stunned when she is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Rather than turn to Jesse for help, Angie grows reclusive and withdraws from everyone who loves her. And Jesse and Angie's marriage fall apart when Jesse meets a mysterious woman connected to another Pine Valley citizen. Randi and Frankie decide to try and have a child, but a new woman in town will make Randi very insecure about her relationship with Frankie. Natalia and Brot finally embark on a relationship and are happily "in like" with each other, but when Cassandra returns to town to deal with her mother's illness, a new sibling rivalry beings to heat up.

The Chandlers: Annie loves Scott. Scott loves Annie. Annie lusts for JR. JR lusts for Annie. JR loves Marissa. Marissa? SCORNED. Look for Marissa to grow a backbone as she takes on Annie with the help of David and Greenlee. Gas-lighting takes on a whole new meaning as Marissa slowly begins to make Annie question her sanity. Greenlee and Marissa develop a friendship. JR's conflicting emotions drive him back to the bottle, while Scott begins to drift into a depression. Someone surprising will provide emotional tonic for him towards the end of the Summer. Colby begins a romance with Damon, but is shocked when Petey Cortlandt returns to town a dashing hunk!

The Martin and Colby Families: Tad and Damon slowly begin a father/son relationship. Krystal and Tad grow closer, as Liza resorts to scheming to take Damon down. Look for the return of Marian from the psychiatric ward, but will her return prompt Liza to come to her senses or enable Liza to scheme even further? At the end of the Summer, Liza does something drastic that will forever change the dynamic between the Martin and Colby families.

That's all I got for now, folks! Tune in later this week for more dream summer previews!

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