Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scandal Season 2!

Yayyyy!!! Scandal is Back!!!

How about that jammed packed season premiere? I for one am glad the show is back in full gear.

Now on to my random musings!

  • Olivia's wardrobe needs to be it's own Pinterest board. Ms. Washington rocks  the hell out of those clothes.
  •  "You're ornamental not functional." Ahh damn Fitz! Don't be so hard on Mellie Aka the FLOTUS! I love me some Mellie! And for the record, President Fitz, she had children for your career, faked a miscarriage to save your candidacy, and now got pregnant to bolster your president. So she is highly functional..Thank you!
  • I'm suddenly intrigued as to why Quinn warranted Olivia and Huck basically kidnapping her and forcing her to take on a new identity. Even more so, who did Olivia contact to put the fix in on her trial? I am intrigued! Even though I hate Quinn and her dumbness with a passion, they got me hooked! 
  • Fitz and Oliva...that is some powerful chemistry those actors possess. Still the best part of the show.

Great start to the season!


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