Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“I love you, too” - John Ingle Passes Away

“I love you, too” - John Ingle Passes Away

There was something very powerful about the September 11 episode of General Hospital, in which a very ill Edward Quartermaine selflessly gave the poisoned water antidote to little Emma and gave Patrick a smiling “thumbs up.” His only spoken line in the entire episode to his on-screen daughter Tracy, “I love you too,” showed that Edward, who put on a tough-as-nails act as Quartermaine family patriarch, was just as compassionate and nurturing as his late wife Lila. Sadly, the episode was John Ingle’s last; he passed away on September 16, surrounded by his family.

It would be easy to list all the accomplishments John Ingle has accrued over the years; a beloved teacher and actor, Ingle made a lasting mark in show business, but to me, his greatest accomplishment was portraying a character that was not only endlessly entertaining to watch but also one that reminded us of what soaps are about: love in many shapes and forms. His devotion to his dear Lila (played by the lovely Anna Lee, who passed away several years ago), his unfulfilled desire to do right by the family of his illegitimate child, Bradley Ward and his unspoken love for Mary Mae (the late, great Rosalind Cash), along with his biting, yet loving relationships with his children made Edward relatable and often comforting to watch.

General Hospital’s creative team would be wise to honor Edward and Ingle’s legacy by building a story around Edward’s mission to rebuild his dwindling family from beyond the grave; I can just see Tracy having to welcome the rest of the Ward family into the Quartermaine mansion at Edward’s final request, or Monica’s shocking discovery that Edward had been secretly nursing Emily back to health since her death in 2007. It’s all wishful thinking on my part, but John Ingle’s portrayal of Edward should be celebrated, and what better way to celebrate the life and career of a great man by creating something new and wonderful in his honor?

Ingle’s wife passed away earlier this year, and I can only hope that he has reunited with her, wherever they are, just as Edward has hopefully reunited with his beloved Lila and made peace with Justus and Mary Mae. I’m going to miss you, John Ingle, but thank you so much for the memories and may you find health and good fortune wherever you are.

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