Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 25 Soap moments!

Here is the complete listing of our picks for Daytime's top 25 moments. To hear our commentary on these moments, you can check out our show :

Lee and Lauren's Top 25 Soap Moments...
1. Luke and Laura's Wedding ~General Hospital
2. Bo kidnaps Hope on her Wedding Day~Days of Our Lives
3. Karen Wolek's testimony~One Life To Live
4. Stone dies of Aids~General Hospital
5. Reva baptizes herself the slut of Springfield ~Guiding Light
6. Luke and Noah's finally kiss~As The World Turns
7. BJ's heart~General Hospital
8. Phillip and Olivia too hot for TV love scene that leads to daytime censorship~Guiding Light
9. Marlena's Possession ~Days Of Our Lives
10. Luke rapes Laura at the Campus Disco ~General Hospital
11. Cassie's death~Young and The Restless
12. Ann's death~Bold and The Beautiful
13.Maura West's debut on ATWT ~As The World Turns
14. Bianca comes out of the closet~ All My Children
15. Olivia professes her love for Natalia ~Guiding Light
16. Aids Quilt storyline~One Life to Live
17.P&G cancels AW, GL and ATWT
18. The climax to the Paris,Texas storyline ~One Life To Live
19. Todd Rapes Marty 1992~One Life To Live
20. Rapemance(Todd and Marty) 2008 ~One Life To Live
21. Maureen dies ~Guiding Light
22. Sonny and Brenda confrontation over the wiretap (*Click Boom also*) ~General Hospital
23. Mary Ryan dies ~Ryan's Hope
24. Carly's buried alive~One Life To Live
25. Susan Lucci finally wins her Emmy! ~All My Children

Lee and Lauren

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