Saturday, July 10, 2010

Top 10: The First Half of 2010

The year sure is flying by, isn't it? We're halfway through 2010 and the year in soaps have been incredible so far! Here's my top ten moments from 2010 so far...

10. Kim leaves her boots at the lake, OLTL
One of the most understated moments this year, Kim's goodbye to Stacy was poignant, powerful and showed the strength of Amanda Setton's acting ability. Whereas Stacy's actual death was ridiculously melodramatic and silly, we got to see another side of Kim when she broke down at the lake and took off the boots Clint gave her. It was Amanda Setton's best moment on the show and one of the best moments of OLTL this year.

9. Lulu and Dante finally hit the sheets, GH
It took long enough, but the-powers-that-be finally found a good love interest for Lulu. The slow burn, from their friendly banter to the romantic opera date really built rooting value for Lulu and Dante and when they finally made love this year it was sexy, romantic and a great payoff. That we've had one great love scene after another is icing on the cake for fans of this fun, dynamic and committed couple.

8. Adam leaves Pine Valley with Brooke, AMC
After a year of miserable, dark stories involving nothing but death and despair, All My Children remembered that soaps are about love in the afternoon and gave us an incredibly romantic reunion between Adam and newly returned Brooke. After his superficial romance with Annie and the accidental murder of Stuart, Adam found redemption in his former wife and the two left Pine Valley together to start a new life together. It was a great payoff and left the door open for either character to return somewhere down the line.

7. Luke and Reid kiss, ATWT
After years of running around with cardboard boyfriend Noah, Luke finally found passion in the icy Dr. Reid Oliver. Their kiss came out of nowhere to Luke, though not to fans who had been waiting for the moment for months. Bringing Reid in as a spoiler for "Nuke" proved to be controversial, but the kiss proved that for Luke, there could be life after Noah.

6. Kiefer beats Kristina and promptly becomes roadkill, GH
Though it had been building for months, we were stunned when Kiefer brutally beat Kristina - TWICE - until she passed out. It was not easy viewing, but the shocking twist made it all worth it when Alexis accidentally ran Kiefer down while rushing her daughter to the hospital. The ramifications of the event are still resonating today; Kristina has projected her anger and distrust onto Sonny, and Alexis has incurred the wrath of Kiefer's diabolical father, Warren.

5. Chance loses his virginity to Chloe, Y&R
It was a slow-burn love story with a twist - the male half of the couple, Chance, had never had sex. When they finally consummated their relationship, it wasn't filled with cheesy, romance novel paraphernalia, it was just fun and playful. There's not another couple like Chance and Chloe on soaps today, which is a shame, because they are just adorable and fun to watch.

4. Stacy gives birth to Sierra Rose, OLTL
The culmination of a year-long story arc involving most of the younger cast, OLTL wisely chose to redeem Stacy in her final moments on the show by having her reconcile with Gigi after giving birth to her and Oliver's baby girl. The story of the girls' dolls leading up to the naming of Sierra Rose was poignant and sad, which helped us feel sorry for Stacy after she drowned in the lake.

3. Markko learns of Langston and Ford's affair, OLTL
It had been months in the making when Markko finally walked in on Langston in the throes of passion with Ford. Devastated, Markko cried, "I would never do that to you!" as Langston wasn't sure whether to tell the truth or keep lying. In all his years on the show, Jason Tam was never given such powerful material and it was wonderful to see the talented actor show his stuff.

2. Michael is sentenced to five years in prison, GH
In a devastating turn of events, Michael was sentenced to jail after confession to killing Claudia to save Carly and Josslyn. The ruling devastated everyone involved and served as a sobering moment to both Sonny and Dante, both of whom were indirectly responsible for the ruling. The moment also wrapped up the trial, which was GH's best story all year.

1. Sonny shoots Dante, GH
"My God, Sonny! You just shot your own son!" Olivia cried as she fell to the ground in a desperate attempt to save Dante. Sonny's horrified and devastated reaction to the realization that Dante was his son was years in the making and Olivia's scream set to the church music as Josslyn was baptized made for riveting watching. It was another brutal story, but the writing was so sharp and the acting so raw that it was all worth it.

Tell us your top moments so far this year in the comments section!

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