Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The REAL First Episode of Gotham: The Series

Thank you, Martha Byrne. After weeks and weeks of ponderous and virtually plotless "episodes," Gotham: The Series has finally given us an episode that nobody can call a "teaser." In the six-minute Episode Five, we got two (TWO!) different locations, a plethora of new characters introduced, and the simultaneous introductions of several intriguing stories. This week's episode of Gotham should really be billed as the true first episode of the now-promising series.

In this week's episode, Catherine and Richard return to home to New York and deal with their respective personal lives. We got to see the easy, sarcastic dynamic between Catherine and ex-husband Jon (Kin Shriner), meet Catherine's daughter Ava, and see Catherine's troubled personal life unfold. Richard, meanwhile, was greeted by Samantha (Brianne Moncrief), a mysterious younger woman with whom Richard is having a torrid affair. Interrupted mid-romp, Richard orders Samantha to hide while he answers the door to his mother Elizabeth and her gentleman friend Liam. I won't divulge plot details, but there's clearly some soapy fun brewing for the characters of Gotham now and I am really glad to see that the show is finally starting to grow into something worth watching.

The show wasn't perfect; the production values are still rough and Brianne Moncrief is a strange and failed casting choice as the mysterious Samantha. But all in all, I would like to thank Martha Byrne for finally kicking the show into proper high gear. I can't wait for episode six!

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