Friday, January 15, 2010

Appealing Soap Stars- #1 Guiding Light'sTina Sloan

Every once in a while, we will blog about soap stars who just stick out amongst the many in the daytime world. You know the type, it could be your favorite, the one you love to hate, but most importantly, this actor always make you wonder why they are so damn appealing on screen and off. In honor of our first interview guest, we will start with Ms. Tina Sloan.

Appealing Star #1 Tina Sloan:
While Guiding Light is no longer shining on CBS, do not count Tina Sloan dimming her light anytime soon. Currently she is a guest communist at the popular blog, The Huffington Post. She is also starring in her one woman show, Changing Shoes. Did I mention the fact that she is also on the hit web series Venice, and she has an upcoming role on the web series Empire. Still trying to keep up ? She is also writing a book due out later this year. I also can't forget about the couple of movies she is currently working on. Whew! So what makes Ms. Sloan so damn appealing? Easy, her charisma on screen and off.

Since 1983, Sloan has portrayed nurse Lillian Raines, a character that could often been a second thought in viewer’s minds, but Sloan brought vulnerability, a special allure that made viewers hope that one day, she would get married(she did!). The first time, Sloan really stood out for me was in 1991-1992; when Lillian found out she had breast cancer. Through Sloan’s acting choices, non verbal communication, you felt Lillian’s pain as she struggled with her breast cancer. The mirror examination scene was powerful because of the range of emotions that Sloan expressed without words. Eventually the breast cancer storyline lead up to the affair with Ed Bauer.

In 1993,(in what will go down in soap opera history as one of the moments that changed daytime forever), Maureen’s death, allowed Sloan to showcase her acting talents. To be blunt, Ms Sloan acted her ass off in one of daytime’s greatest triangles and saddest television moments. As the years went on, Lillian remained as the emotional compass of the show, whether she was giving advice to her daughter, granddaughter, Phillip, or even Olivia, you could always count on Lillian’s eternal optimism.In the final week of Guiding Light, Sloan proved once again, why she has been in the daytime industry for over 25 years. Before her wedding to Buzz Cooper, Lillian went to Maureen's grave. A tearful Lillian admitted that Maureen’s death changed the town forever and expressed regret at her part in causing it. Lillian admitted that for many years, guilt kept her from moving on with her life and in that brief moment, Sloan allowed Lillian as well as viewers have permanent closure with that storyline.

I had the privilege of talking to Ms. Sloan at the Guiding Light Paley Event, and trust me when I say; she is definitely one of the nicest people in Daytime. She has a rich knowledge of history, and she is quite the storyteller. While we only engaged in a ten minute conversation max, at the end, I felt like I made a friend for a lifetime. Looking forward to interviewing Ms. Sloan. Truly an appealing actress. -Lauren

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