Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Appealing Soap Stars #2 General Hospital's Megan Ward

This past Sunday we had the privilege of interviewing the fabulous Megan Ward. Our interview with Megan was nothing short of awesome. Not only did Megan provide her take on the Kate character, and the relationship with Sonny(and Coleman), but she also provided a window into what it's like working in a soap, and why things come across to viewers the ways they sometimes do. So why is Megan Ward so damn appealing? The answer is simple. Megan Ward is sophistication personified. Let’s look at her character Kate for example. When Megan embodies the role of Kate, the physical transformation begins. She wears her clothes, they do not wear her, and her hair should rule the world.

The pairing of Sonny and Kate became popular in a heart beat; many people fell in love with Skate, and endured the many plot contrivances keeping the couple apart. Then something tragic happened, the words nobody wants to see, MEGAN WARD BUMPED to recurring status. Trust me, this was devastating to us, but in the back on your mind you rationalize, you say to yourself, “Well at least she is free to pursue other projects.” While you hope that the powers to be come to their senses, and realize Kate/Megan should not be recurring.

Kate is truly a fascinating character, and it’s great to have an actress who is all about subtlety, and portraying emotions through facial expressions to get her point across, when the dialogue isn’t always there. I like when my actors show me, and don’t tell me the story. Seriously, go back and watch Megan’s early scenes. Like when Kate reacted when Carly threatened to sleep with Sonny, and told her how inadequate Kate is. There is a shadow of pain, then she comes right back with the inner knowledge that SHE has known Sonny longer than Carly, Megan totally rocks those types of scenes.

It’s a shame that TPTB fail to realize what a gem they have in Megan. Her fan base is huge, and they are behind her 100%, and like I said before, Megan Ward is a major find for General Hospital. She is just terrific; she adds so much nuance to every scene and with her impressive resume, she has only tipped the iceberg! You never know what to expect from her next. Keep an eye out for her; she will never cease to amaze you!

If you are a fan of Megan Ward, be sure to sign this petition and check out these sites: The Heart and the Hope board:
The Megan Haven board:
The ColKate board:
Here you will find various campaigns on how to get Megan back on our screens five days of week, where she rightfully belongs.--Lauren


  1. I love Megan Ward. She's genuine talent. Love her as Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri. Truly missed. Wish she was a contract player.

  2. Great blog, Lauren, You and Lee did an excellent job interviewing Megan. She is everything you said and more!

    Megan's fans will never stop fighting for her. We want her back on contract and Kate reunited with Sonny. Megan deserves only the best and we will give her our best!

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear from Megan. Megan is always insightful, interesting and fun to listen to. She is truly one of a kind!

  3. Awesome blog Lauren. Loved your interview.

    It is so frustrating that tptb don't recognize what an incredible asset Megan is to their show. Kate is an endlessly fascinating character and the writers have not even begun to tap her potential. Megan infuses every scene with such honesty. Thank you for pointing out the nuances in her portrayal. I've appreciated her deftly subtle touches from day one.

    Anything that will get Megan back on contract and Kate back in a front burner storyline is to our benefit, and the show's.

  4. couldn't have said it better myself. huge fan base, glowing interviews, high praise aside; her work speaks for itself. moreover, her work as kate howard has spoken to, and reached, the hearts of many. a truly unique actor, a truly unique character, coming together to create pure onscreen storytelling magic. why is it that everyone sees this except the few persons responsible for actually bringing her to us? if you want your audience back, bringing back beloved characters is the way to do it, and the top of that list is kate howard.

  5. Great blog Lauren, we loved our Megan and we won't never give up on her...

  6. Woo hoo.. you hit all the key points that us as fans that love Megan think everyday!! Thankyou so much for seeing what we see.. Megan is the Best and we will continue to strive until we get that girl where she belongs.. right back on top!!
    Thanks for the terrific blog.. You guys rock my world!! :)

  7. Thank you for the blog. Megan is terrific and has a lot of fans who want a lot of different things for her, and for the character of Kate but we all share a common desire for her: to have a story where we can see her amazing skills at work. It's time for ABC to wake up.

  8. Thanks for the blog, Lauren. I think I smiled the entire time I was reading this. Everything you mentioned, is completely true... and I'm just so glad that others see what we see.

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. We here at DPD are behind everyone 100% with getting Megan back on contract with GH. Thanks for the listening to the interview and thanks for all your support! ~Lauren

  10. Thank you for the blog. I throughly enjoyed the interview and hopefully we will see more of Kate and Megan Ward on GH and that TPTB do put her back on contract.


  11. Listened to the show and as usual Megan Ward is a consumate actor, she made Maurice Benard likable and that is hard to do. TPTB really missed the boat Kate & Carly would have been so much fun to watch, the actress brought in Lisa lo Cicero has yet to match the ability of Megan, it's called acting, TPTB had better wise up soon because GH has hit the tank in ratings, and if they can't see that oh well. They need to create the perfect triangle, Sonny, Kate & Coleman, then the viewers would come back, and they need to show two oppisite women Kate & Carly who deep down are the same, go at it, I hope they listen, Megan Ward back on contract NOW