Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who are these people? The standard about me information entry

Thank you for stopping by Dayplayerdish blog! So why are you here? And more importantly, who the hell are Lauren and Lee?

Lee will start this blog off with a little bit about himself:
What’s cooking, rational soap fans? My name’s Lee, and I’m your typical soap fan… who’s a guy. Before you ask – no, I am not a Nuke fan. In fact, I find Nuke to be the worst couple on ATWT at the moment... wow, two sentences and I’ve already gotten onto my soapbox! I’ll hold back for now. A little bit more about me… I recently graduated from college with a degree in cinema studies, meaning I watched a whole bunch of movies and wrote papers on them. I’ve interned at Soap Opera Weekly and All My Children and found both to be an incredible experience. I can’t wait to share with you my opinions, beliefs, and random musings on soaps! Where to begin… well, I was raised on ABC soaps, namely General Hospital and Port Charles but when both went sour (two words: mafia vampires) I turned to All My Children and One Life to Live, which is now my favorite. I’ve dabbled in NBC and CBS soaps, but they just don’t grab me like the ABC soaps !

And now here's Lauren:
What’s up rational soap fans! So here I am blogworld! Why am I here? The answer is simple, I love soap operas. Yes it’s true, I love soap operas. I majored in Communication studies, with a minor in journalism. I’ve had the amazing experience to intern at Soap Opera Digest/Soap Weekly magazine for two years. I’ve worked as a talent runner for the Daytime Emmys for the past three years. People always look at me twice when I say I love soaps. Why? It’s simple. I’ve been a fan of the genre since I was six years old. So as the years progressed, and the stories got bizarre (hello GL’s Reva being cloned wtf!) or touching (GH’s BJ Heart) to amazing love stories (Hi GL’s Otalia fans! Hello my Bo and Hope shippers going 26 yrs strong baby!) I love this genre through thick and thin. This year we lost Guiding Light(and in 2010 we are losing ATWT and possibly more soaps)one of the longest running programs in television history! That’s right television history, no other show, on television, will be able to accomplish what Guiding Light did in 72 years! As a fan of the soap opera genre, this makes me proud to brag to people, who like to look down on the genre.

So here we are blog world, with my soap brother from another mother, Lee. We plan on tackling all your soap news, shows, gossip.. one blog, one podcast at a time. A he said/she said type of blog. So sit back and read, and as always, please leave comments. We appreciate hearing from all you soap fans out there. Be sure to check out our soap podcasts, once we have it up and running. Thank you for reading.

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